Over 30 Years Of Experience In Manufacturing Parts For Critical Applications

In 1987, we started manufacturing ball valves for critical applications like locomotive pneumatic break systems, petro chemicals, etc. In 1990’s, we shifted focus to manufacturing high precision parts for aero engines and gas turbines.

20+ Years Of Experience Manufacturing Critical Parts For Aerospace, Defence And Energy Industries

Manufacture blades, vanes, blisks and aero structure parts for aerospace and aviation industries.
Make shrouds, diaphragms and nozzles for industrial gas turbines and blades for steam turbines
An AS9100D (Aerospace industry certification) & BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
Experience in machining titanium alloys, nimonic, inconel, stainless steel and other heat resistant super alloys including aluminum alloy.
Approved supplier for Indian aerospace and defence industry (Hindustan Aeronautics limited and Gas Turbine Research Establishment)
Large volume of exports to US and European customers.

Reverse Engineering Complex Parts

Capability to reverse engineer complex parts for which no specifications are available.

Headquartered In The One Of The Biggest Industrial Hubs In India With More Than 3,000 Companies

Located in Peenya Industrial Estate Bangalore, one of the biggest and oldest industrial hubs in Asia with more than 3,000 companies.

 Small family owned businesses, multinational companies, precision engineering manufacturing units, metal fabrication factories, heat treatment to coating facilities etc. can all be found in Peenya.

Developed Reliable Partnerships With Various Vendors

Established partnerships over 30 years with excellent contacts and relationships with many companies that can perform or source a wide variety of services related to gas turbines, steam turbines and aircraft engines. We can source precision fabrications and forgings and castings.

About Bangalore Valves Pvt. Ltd.