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In 1987, we started manufacturing ball valves for critical applications like locomotive pneumatic break systems, petro chemicals, etc. In 2001, we shifted focus to manufacturing turbine blades and other precision parts for aero engines. Over the years we have developed world class expertise in manufacturing engine and structural parts for critical applications in the aerospace, industrial gas turbine and steam turbine industries. We are experienced in manufacturing excellent quality parts at competitive prices for our customers in US, Europe and Asian markets.

35+ years of experience in manufacturing parts for critical applications

  • In 1987,we started manufacturing Ball Valves for critical applications like locomotive pneumatic break system, petro chemicals etc.
  • In early 2000s shifted focus to manufacturing turbine blades and other parts for aero engines

20+ years of experience manufacturing engine and structural parts for aircrafts, industrial Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine

  • Currently manufacturing Rolls-Royce and Safran aircraft engine blades and vanes as an approved supplier for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), the sole manufacturer of jet fighters in India, owned by the Government of India
  • Currently manufacturing GE Frame 5, 6, 7 and 9 gas turbine components for global after market customers in USA and Europe
  • Manufactured Siemens steam turbine blades for European customers
  • Manufactured various aluminum structural and tooling components for the aerospace industry.

Headquartered in Peenya Industrial Estate, one of the biggest industrial hubs in Asia

  • From small family owned businesses, multinational companies, precision engineering manufacturing units, metal fabrication factories, heat treatment to coating facilities etc. they are all here.
Developed reliable partnerships with various supply chain partners
  • Established partnerships over 30 years with excellent contacts and relationships with many companies that can perform or source a wide variety of services related to gas turbines, steam turbines and aircraft engines

Zero Defect, 100% Quality Rating

Toyoda (subsidiary of Toyota Group, parent company of Toyota Motor Corporation)

Keeping in mind our tight schedule and the criticality of components, your active support and timely delivery of quality parts, in spite of testing circumstances, has strengthened our efforts and helped us achieve our divisional sales target. I sincerely thank you again for your invaluable contribution and am looking forward to working with you in future endeavors

Engine division, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

This has been a great project and thank you and your team for excellent quality component supply!

A UK Aerospace Company

Great company to work with. They are experts at new product development and respond quickly to any queries. They follow an excellent inspection methodology and assure 100% quality every time.

A US Gas Turbine Services company