Gas turbine components manufacturer

BVPL Turbine Parts is amongst the top Gas turbine components manufacturers In India. As a leading gas turbine components manufacturer, we specialize in crafting high-quality, precision engineered components that power the energy industry. Our commitment to innovation and reliability has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the field. As a Gas turbine components manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing capital parts including shrouds and diaphragms. These parts are typically made from super alloys which have high nickel – chromium – cobalt content , making them hard to machine.

We have been engaged in gas turbine components manufacturing since the early 2000s. Over the decades, BVPL has developed an in-depth understanding and experience in machining super alloy raw materials (such as SS310, HR120 and nimonic and Inconel alloys). These Gas Turbine Parts manufactured by BVPL are regularly exported to the USA , Europe and the Middle East. We work with some of the largest Gas turbine Service companies across the world.

Industrial Gas Turbine Shrouds

Examples of GE Gas Turbine Shrouds for Frames 5, 6, 7 and 9. We regularly manufacture these for the European, USA and Middle Eastern markets. Material: SS310, SS410, SS304, SS316, HR120 etc. We can provide these along with Hardface coating or Honeycomb.

Why Choose Gas turbine components manufactured by BVPL Turbine Parts? 

  • Expertise: With years of industry experience, we possess the knowledge and skill to produce  top-tier gas turbine components. 
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with the  latest technology, ensuring precision and consistency in every product. 
  • Quality Assurance: We adhere to stringent quality control measures to deliver components  that meet or exceed international standards. 
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to your specific requirements, our gas turbine components  optimize performance and durability.
  • Sustainability: We embrace eco-friendly practices, promoting a greener future for the energy  sector.


What are the main components of a gas turbine?

The main components of a gas turbine include the compressor, combustion chamber, turbine, and power turbine. These work together to compress air, mix it with fuel, combust the mixture, and then use the resulting high-pressure, high-velocity gases to drive the turbine and produce power.

What are the main types of gas turbine?

Gas turbines are classified into various types based on their applications, such as aviation, power generation, and industrial use. Common types include aero-derivative and industrial gas turbines.

What materials are used in gas turbines?

Gas turbines often use high-strength alloys, heat-resistant materials like nickel-based alloys, and advanced ceramics to withstand high temperatures and stresses during operation.

What industries rely on gas turbine components?

Gas turbine components find applications in industries such as power generation, aviation, marine propulsion, and various industrial processes where efficient and reliable power generation or mechanical drive is required.

Contact us to discuss your turbine component needs and discover how we can elevate your operations. Your success is our priority, and together, we power the future of energy worldwide. For more information Contact BVPL turbine Parts.

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