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Industrial Gas Turbine Shrouds

Examples of GE Gas Turbine Shrouds for Frames 5, 6, 7 and 9
Material : SS310, SS410, SS304, SS316, HR120 etc

Power Generation Steam Turbine Blades

Siemens (Dresser Rand) Steam Turbine Blades
Material : FV448

Aerostructures and Parts for other applications

Material : Aluminium

Aero Engine Inner Rings Assembly

Inner rings assembly Stage 1, Stage 2 and IGV (Material: Inconel 718)

Aero Engine Blades

High Pressure Compressor Blades
Material: Titanium – TA8DV

High Pressure Turbine and Intermediate Pressure Turbine Blades
Material: Nimonic 115

Aero Engine Blades and Vanes

Material: Inconel and Titanium

High Pressure and Low Pressure Aeroengine Vanes
Material: Aluminium Alloy

Reverse Engineered Aero Engine Blades and Blisks

Reverse Engineered Blades by BVPL
Material : Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Titanium

Blisks for Aero Engines
Material : Stainless Steel


Precision machined parts on all types of CNC machines

Vanes, blades, shrouds and blisks for aero engines, Shrouds and blades for gas turbines and steam turbines. Extensive experience in machining different alloys of titanium alloys, nimonic, inconel, stainless steel and other heat resistance alloys including aluminum alloy. BVPL can also take up any other high value complex jobs.

Precision fabrications including ground support equipment for handling the turbine assembly area

Reverse engineer any part

CAD drawings and models

Press components

Forgings & castings

We will be happy to provide/source any of these services along with our customer promise of competitive price, excellent quality and delightful customer service

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