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We specialize in manufacturing engine and structural parts for aircrafts, industrial gas turbines and steam turbines. Our promise to customers is excellent quality, competitive price and delightful customer service

Extensive experience in manufacturing high precision parts

  • Our engineers have spent over 40 years in aircraft and energy industries and bring a broad range of hands-on experience to produce critical rotor and stator blades, shrouds and other precision parts.
  • Supply jet fighter aero engine blades for Indian aerospace and defence industries
  • Manufacture vanes, blades, blisks and aero structure parts,
  • Make shrouds, diaphragms and nozzles for gas turbines, steam turbines and aero engines
  • Machining titanium alloys, nimonic, inconel, stainless steel and other heat resistance alloys including aluminum alloys
  • Currently supplying shrouds for Industrial Gas Turbine to US and Europe.
  • Supplied steam turbine blades to Dresser-Rand

Excellent Quality

  • An AS9100D (Aerospace industry certification) & BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • Highly skilled programmers and technicians that make complex 3D models and 5 axis simultaneous machining programs using state of the art software
  • Consistently achieved 100% quality rating from Toyoda (subsidiary of Toyota Group – parent company of Toyota Motor Corporation)
  • Customers in US and European markets
  • Multi axis machining centers, turning centers and EDMs apart from conventional machines
  • Conventional digital measuring instruments, and CMM facility
  • Specialized casting, forging and programming consultants on board

Reduced Cost

  • We have trained and qualified affordable resources and material supply chain giving you excellent value for money
  • Customizable based on requirements
  • Outsource facilities/services when required to proven partners who have been with us for decades.

Delightful Customer Service

  • All of our customers that we started working with 20 years ago are still with us. This bears testimony to our ever present customer service.